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Dominance of Bitcoin Hits 9-Month High
2 MinutesBtc
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Circle eliminates “substantially all” of USDC minting and redemption delay
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All of recent events leading up to demise of Silicon Valley Bank
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US Fed reveals $25 billion in financing to support banks

Defi (DEx)

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PancakeSwap will initiate V3 on BSC and burned $27M on CAKE.

According to devs, the third version (V3) of PancakeSwap, a well-known multichain decentralised exchange (DEX), will be released in...
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Liquid staking overtakes DeFi Lending, now on second position
Clearpool selects Polygon for Institutional Lending Platform
ETh STaking
ETH staking service provided by Rocket Pool achieves $1B in TVL
Defi exc
Tron Blockchain Commits $100M in Grants to AI-Related Projects
Aave will Share Lido Staking Rewards on Optimism and Arbitrum


2 Minutesweb3

Sony and Astar Network Collaborate on Web3 Incubation Initiative

Friends With Benefits Social Networking App by DAO
Nike’s Web3 Platform, Swoosh will reward to Virtual Sneakers designs Creators

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2 MinutesCoinbase
CEX Crypto News
Despite SEC enforcement, Coinbase affirms that mining services will continue
2 MinutesCrypto winter
Bitcoin CEX Crypto News
India enforces anti-money laundering laws on crypto trades
3 MinutesCoinbase
CEX Crypto News
Coinbase’s CEO suggests that its new layer-2 network may include AML controls
2 MinutesStablecoin
CEX Crypto News
Binance is minimizing its need for stablecoins as BUSD prohibition