Web3 community, Key steps for a successful GameFi project

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As the GameFi space proceeds with its excursion to draw in gamers to another gaming paradigm, community members shared their takes on what they think a mature GameFi project should be succeed.

One Redditor recommended that GameFi projects need to engage a few target audiences, including whales, who will give funding; earners, who are generally kids and individuals from developing countries; and the people who play for fun, who will leave great reviews for the game.


One more community member guided out the need toward work on the standing of the space. As indicated by the Redditor, some think about GameFi a scam — and this should be changed. Furthermore, the community part likewise featured that it might be ideal assuming that GameFi projects held e-sports competitions with high award pools as rewards.

One user said that a matured GameFi project should have a method for making its token significant for gamers. This proposes that further use cases should be added. What’s more, the user additionally proposed incorporating decentralized finance liquidity mining for the tokens.

Returning to basics of gaming, another community user accepts that the main component GameFi projects ought to zero in on is making the game fun and engaging, which will force users to come back and play “throughout each and every day.”

While some gamers might be against GameFi, a new survey showed that some will play more blockchain games assuming that they are given chances to earn cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. The survey likewise showed that more gamers are keen on earning BTC while playing than earning nonfungible tokens.


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