To transfer Web3 game from Solana, Polygon hires Xternity

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scaling solution for Ethereum layer-2 polygon In order to move and onboard Synergy Land, a multiplayer Web3 game from Solana, to the Polygon network, Polygon partnered with Xternity, a Web3 games development platform.

While Polygon enables easy communication with the Ethereum ecosystem, Solana as a blockchain platform focuses largely on scalability and cost-cutting. With the help of its network migration tool, Xternity provided a method to help move Synergy Land’s assets onto the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain. This method can be used to move games or projects between chains.


Co-founder and CEO Sagi Maman said that gamers and developers should have the choice of their own blockchain ecosystems when discussing Xternity’s mission to speed up the creation of Web3 games.

Users must link their Solana-compatible wallets, including Phantom and MetaMask, burn their assets on Solana, then recreate them on Polygon as part of the transfer procedure. Synergy Land wants to integrate Web2 users into Web3 with its migration to Polygon while maintaining the community that was supported by the earlier blockchain.

Web3 projects that choose to migrate to the EVM frequently do so in order to benefit from the Ethereum blockchain’s larger user base, more functionality, and legitimacy.

A hard fork was planned for the Polygon proof-of-stake chain on January 17. A Polygon representative said:

“The hard fork is coded for the Block >= 38,189,056. No centralized, single entertainer will start it. Validators of the network need to refresh their nodes preceding the showed block and they are as of now doing as such.”

The upgrade, which received the support of 15 voters on the Polygon Governance Team, is intended to lower gas fee spikes and address the chain restructuring issue.


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