Friends With Benefits Social Networking App by DAO

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Friends With Benefits (FWB), a well-known decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), announced Thursday on Twitter that a social networking application is being released.


The new app will make it possible for FWB members to communicate with one another, read suggestions for governance, and learn about live events.

With the intention of creating a social network dedicated to Web3 adoption and education, FWB was established in 2021. It also serves as a venue for regional meetups. To expand its global network both online and offline, it raised $10 million in September 2021, with the help of the cryptocurrency startup firm a16z.


While FWB initially developed its community through a Discord channel that was token-gated, its app will facilitate conversation through a decentralized, members-only network. By letting users communicate with one another, read governance proposals, and learn about upcoming in-person events, the app, according to FWB, attempts to build real relationships.

Our social platform isn’t intended to enrol millions of users as promptly as possible; instead, it is a human-scaled software product that optimized for positive group interactions, digital socializing, meaning-making, and hanging out,” FWB stated on Twitter.

Members of the community must own 75 FWB tokens, the community’s native cryptocurrency, which costs around $800, in order to sign up for the app.

Through its website, you can submit an application to join the FWB group. The community currently has more than 3,000 engaged members, according to the organization.

The organization is voting on a variety of in-person social projects as well as the production of its well-known music and arts festival FWB FEST in 2023 in addition to establishing its social platform.


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