Binance Charity will offer 30,000 Web3 scholarships in 2023

Binance Charity
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In 2023, Binance Charity, the company’s charitable arm, plans to give 30,65 scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in Web 3.

According to Binance Charity’s explanation in a January 20 blog post, the Binance Charity Scholar Program (BCSP) will offer free Web3 education and training classes that will allow tech-savvy students to advance their skills without having to jump over any unnecessary financial barriers:

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“We recognize that digital education and skills development can be far off for some, subsequent in a blockchain industry that needs variety and talent. The Binance Scholar Program changes generally that, taking care of the costs of tuition and course fees at a portion of the world’s driving universities, colleges and vocational training providers.”

The site reported that more than 82,000 applications expressed interest in joining the upcoming BCSP cohort, which translates to an acceptance rate of roughly 37%.

University of Western Australia, University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany, and technology cluster Utiva in Nigeria are just a few of the educational partners joining engaged.

Some of the BCSP activities will also be hosted by the Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, Women In Tech, Kyiv IT Cluster, and the tuition-free training facility Simplon with a French base.

In order to assist Ukrainians who might have lost their employment as a result of the conflict with Russia, Binance Charity says they teamed together with the country’s local departments.

Through their collaboration with Women In Tech, they hope to train roughly 3,000 women in rural Brazil and South Africa in order to support upcoming female entrepreneurs.

Binance Academy

Additionally, Binance Academy, the company’s non-profit blockchain education portal, will support Binance Charity through a partnership.


More than $3.5 million was raised by Binance Charity in 2022 alone, the majority of it in the form of Binance USD (BUSD), which went toward funding more than 290,000 hours of Web3 training and education.

According to Helen Hai, head of Binance Charity, interest in the initiative is rising:

“The reaction to our Web3 education projects has been unprecedented, showing the sharp craving of such countless people to learn about blockchain, De-Fi, NFTs, coding and substantially more.”

“A wide variety of people, including a high percentage of women, are showing interest […] We’ve never been more eager to create a more inclusive Web3 world because of the amount of additional education efforts we have in the works with incredible partners, she continued.

The start dates for all of the scholar programs and the 30,000+ open positions were not specified by Binance Charity.


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